Frequently asked questions

Adding a profile photo

Adding or changing a forum profile photo is done by first signing in. Once on your account click on your name in the upper right corner of any page. Choose the profile function the photo upload selections are on the second line.

Uploading pictures to the forum

Adding pictures to the forum is easy. To start make sure that you have the curser where you wish to insert the photo, the photo will insert to the right. I usually press enter twice to get some spacing under my text. click on the photo insert button, this is the button that is all the way to the right in the format bar that looks like a box with a mountain in it. Select your photo to upload from your computer file. NOTE the photo must be smaller than 2 meg in file size. You can check that by right clicking on the photo and selecting properties at the bottom. If your photo is larger than 2 meg it will have to be reduced in size with a program like Paint. Personally I use a free program. Once your photo uploads and is visible in your forum post you can adjust its sixe by dragging the corners of the photo. This does not effect the full size photo that will open if you click in the thumbnail

Adding a signature to your profile

Adding a signature to your forum posts is done through your profile. Click on your name after you are signed in. Click on your profile and add, 512 character limit. Custom colors can be done with BB-Code, don’t know how send signature and desired color to administrator

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