Champlain Valley Winter meeting Minutes


CVFC Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2018
First meeting of 2018 was held at Sonny Allen’s house.  Those members in attendance:   Alan Brassard, Shelly Becker, Sonny Allen, Bruce Burgess, Steve Noyes, Skip Sjobeck, Charlie Sjobeck, Adam Masterson, Gary  Madden, Gus Hebert, and Bob Pilger.
Bruce Burgess provided an updated financial report for the 2017 year.  Bottom line is the club realized a small net gain of $567.50.  Following Bruce’s report, members discussed whether club dues should be raised this year.  Motion passed to keep the dues at $75 again this year.  Dues can be sent to Shelly at 1677 Middle Road, Bridport Vermont  05734.
Expected expenses for the coming year include the purchase of two new canopies for the field.  Steve looked into pricing.  10’ x 20’ canopies are $150 each.  Bruce mentioned he recently bought a canopy of that size from King Canopy (North Carolina) for about $100 which included shipping.  Bruce will provide the information to Steve who will find the least cost option and make a recommendation.
For the bigger events, we may need additional port-a-potties for the expected increase in the number of pilots.  Best guess is for every 30 pilots, 3 port-a-potties are needed.   Add another for numbers over 30.
Discussing costs of hosting a large event, the break even number for large events is about 25 pilots.  For every pilot over 25, we begin to make a profit.  As such, club needs to do a better job advertising.   A decision was made to pay the additional fee and advertise both events in the AMA magazine.  May also use social media to communicate events.
Schedule for the year was established.  We plan to host three events including Memorial Day Fun Fly (5/26-5/28), Valley of the Giants (6/22-6/24), and the Warbird event (8/24-8/26).  Club members may still meet for additional long weekends, but these are the official events for the 2018 season.
A lengthy discussion ensued about whether the club should use Westport for the Valley of the Giants and the Warbird event again this summer.   A number of points were made about the possibility of moving the events to Crown Point and discontinuing our relationship with the Westport airport.  Equipment at Westport is not well maintained and at times is in need of repair.  Most of the time, club members completed the repairs.  Mowing two fields and preparing two fields is difficult.  A question was posed about whether Crown Point would have the space needed for a large number of campers.  General thought is the Crown Point field could hold 40 campers if we expand space to include land that runs along the driveway.   Also, a good parking plan could help accommodate the large number of campers.  Suggestion was made to host one event at Westport and one at Crown Point.  If we host an event at the Westport field, the grounds would need to be mowed the entire summer as part of the use agreements.   As such, either we host both events at Westport or host both at Crown Point.  A vote to decide where to host the Valley of Giants and Warbird event was called.  Motion passed to host both events at the Crown Point field this summer.
Final order of business was nomination and election of officers.  The following slate of officers was approved:
President – Adam Masterson
Vice President – Skip Sjobeck
Treasurer – Bruce Burgess
Secretary – Shelly Becker
Safety Officer – Charlie Sjobeck
Next meeting will be March 3 at Sonny’s house.

CVFC Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2018


Members in attendance: Skip Sjobeck, Charlie Sjobeck, Alan Brassard, Adam Masterson, Sonny Allen, Shelly Becker, Steve Noyes, and Gary Madden .

Old business:

Sanction paperwork –

The warbird event paperwork is nearly complete. Charlie will finish filling out the form and submit online and will request advertizing for the event. New name for the event is “Warbirds over Crown Point”.

Mark Thomas has the paperwork for the Valley of the Giants

Club Charter –

Adam will send in the club charter and modify the slate of officers to reflect the 2018 changes.

Food Vendors –

Bruce Reed cannot commit to providing food at this time so club will consider local restaurants for daily meals during events (Fri/Sat/Sun).   Meals may include pizza, grinders, and bbq.   Restaurants will be contacted 1-2 weeks before the event with tentative order.   Pilots will be offered the meal “ticket” to get an idea on numbers and food will be ordered each day. Club will sell bottled water and soda throughout the event as a fundraising opportunity.

Port-a-potties –

Mark Thomas calls Dundon’s each year to request delivery. Suggestion was made to have the unit placed close to the driveway initially if the ground is not firm upon arrival. This will allow the vendor to service the unit until the ground firms up. At that time, the unit will be relocated to the traditional site.

We will need two additional potties for our big events. Club should look into pricing with different suppliers.

New Business:

Work Day – the spring set-up will take place on April 28 with a back-up date of May 12. We will sand and paint framework for the canopies before we apply the new canvas.

Mowers – The club mower is still in working condition. In addition, Sonny and Steve may use their equipment to mow as well.

Social Events – Club will plan one organized evening a month for members to socialize over flying and food. Friday evenings will be coordinated by Shelly or others.

Membership Growth – we anticipate a couple new memberships this season. Shelly will email club application to the group and provide blank forms which will be available at the field.

3-D Event – The club is hosting a 3-D event July 19-22. Adam will be the coordinator and Charlie will be the contest chair. The event is sponsored byExtreme Flight, 3D Hobbyshop, Ace Arrow Foamies, and Aviator Plus/GP Engines. We should expect a good turnout for this event.

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