2018 Events – Giants, Warbirds & Extreme Flight

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Some of the CVF Club Pilots

Can anyone else relate to the above?

Valley Of The Giants

Mike Pecue flying his jet, to the excitement of those in attendance.

Mike Pecue flying his Stearman. The original owner is Charlie Sjobeck.

Mike Pecue with his Gee Bee and Charlie Sjobeck, the original owner.

Mike Pecue makes flying and landing a Gee Bee look easy, which it is not!


Warbirds Event

Mike Pecue flying his Stearman. The original owner is Charlie Sjobeck.


Extreme Flight Event


Extreme Flight Northeast Fly In, Champlain Valley Flyers of Crown Point NY, happening this weekend (7/20-7/22)

Posted by Stephen Faust on Sunday, July 22, 2018

The above is an awesome video with a great soundtrack! Enjoy!

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